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Business Advice for the Modern World

A C Mole Accountants has been offering business advice for over 100 years to companies and small business owners in Taunton and throughout the Southwest. Our team of experts can assess your business and plans and help you prepare for the future you want.

The marketplace for many businesses is changing, with technological advances in Ecommerce, online stores and the changing face of high street shopping, yet all businesses, whether established or beginning out in life, need sound business advice and planning from experts.

Businesses in the Southwest Trust A C Mole Accountants as Their Business Advisers

We have a wealth of practical experience we can bring to the table. Our Partners regularly attend clients’ board, partner, and management meetings throughout the UK. Our independence from management helps us to identify problems and suggest solutions objectively and effectively.

Fresh Advice for Small Businesses and Start-Up Companies

People starting their own business often find themselves at the bottom of a very steep learning curve. They are trying to do their own marketing, learn the HMRC requirements, and learn how to generate revenue. We understand the issues affecting business start-ups. Whether you are operating as a sole trader, partnership or limited company, we can provide guidance and support throughout this process. We can support you by:

· Advising on the most suitable and tax-efficient structure for the business;

· Advising on tax-efficient profit extraction;

· Assistance with obtaining funding;

· Tax reliefs available for businesses;

· Ensuring tax compliance obligations are met (corporation tax, PAYE, VAT, CIS to name but a few)

· Outsourcing services such as payroll and bookkeeping.

Corporate Financial Advice and Expertise for Larger Firms

Executives and financial directors for larger businesses turn to accountants for sound business advice as there is a fine line between successful expansion and failure. We can continue to guide you as your business develops.

Exit Strategies and Succession Planning

When you are looking to retire or sell your business, it is important to plan from both a personal and a corporate perspective to ensure that we do this in the most tax efficient and beneficial way for you. Our expert and professional team are here to offer advice on capital gains and inheritance tax planning and are always sympathetic to your situation.

Take Advantage of Our Full Range of Services

Our team collaborates to bring a full range of business advice services to your company. Here are a few of the services we offer to businesses.

Business Support and Development Plans

When you want to grow your business, you need a plan. We can offer the support you need to develop your ideas, tactics, and strategies so your scheme succeeds. We can point you to the information and resources to help you make the best choices and can assist with preparing business plans including cash flow forecasts and projections.

Business Cash Flow Forecasts

The coronavirus pandemic showed the need for a solid cash flow and savings plan for small businesses and large enterprises alike. Our team can help you prepare for the unexpected by designing a forecast model which is tailored to your business’s needs. By ensuring a strong cash flow, your business can purchase new stock, make investments and anticipate when funding may be required in order to grow.

Tax Efficient Profit Extraction, Reliefs and Incentives

A business looks to their accountants for tax advice. We can help you understand the government regulations and HMRC tax policies. Our aim is to help you pay tax efficiently, meaning not paying more than you must.

The government has introduced measures over the years to encourage investment for businesses. These include tax reliefs as Capital Allowances and R&D tax credits together with employee equity incentives to recruit, motivate and retain employees. We can help you by maximising claims and suggesting other reliefs available to your business.

The Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS) is designed to make investment in a small business more attractive through a series of tax relief measures and incentives. We can help you understand whether you qualify and how to take advantage of the scheme.

Advice on Funding Sources, Such as Leasing and Private Equity Options

Funding for a company or small business can be crucial, especially in the early stages. We have extensive experience helping companies secure funds. Our advisers offer support for evaluating resources and schemes for securing the funds you need.




Can Citizens Advice help with business?2021-08-24T10:49:04+00:00

In short, yes. Citizens Advice can help with the types of issues businesses and consumers face, however this can be from a general point of view. More complex questions and business needs specific to you will require more specialist advice.

What do you need to do to start a small business in the UK?2021-08-24T10:48:44+00:00

There are few barriers to starting a new business. Almost anyone can get started as a sole trader or self-employed businessperson however is this the best route for you, in terms of tax efficiencies or structure? When your business grows and you want to establish yourself, then you may want to turn to expert advisers for specific help.

Where can I find business advice?2021-08-24T10:48:23+00:00

There is a lot of advice to be found on the internet, however this can be confusing and difficult to follow. When you need professional advice you can rely on, you should turn to a professional business adviser. They will examine your business circumstances and aspirations and help you make the wisest choice.

Professional Business Advice from Experts?

A C Mole offers complete business advice services delivered by reliable and honest professionals. If you are ready to get help from an accountant, please contact us today. We will be happy to speak with you, offer an assessment of your needs, and provide a plan for the best way forward.

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